Boilies and other Specialist Carp Baits

With the arrival of our own real boilie production machines in 2015 we could really call ourselves "boilie factory". But not such a big factory where everything revolves around the masses.

Our passion is precisely to think of something special for each mix. For every customer who wants his own recipe to run a unique mix.

Together we have years of experience as carp anglers and also for a long time in (2006) making boilies. With this we know how to give your bait an added value so that you can catch more.

Fishing must stay fun, for the fish and the angler. We look at the nutritional value of the bait and later at the price. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids all play a major role in your bait.

We do not make the cheapest boilies. We don't want that either. We want to offer added value to every carp angler who takes his hobby seriously.

We do not make perfectly round boilies either, deviant shapes are absolutely no problem for the carp, maybe even better! Our mixes also do not roll perfectly, the recipe is priority number 1. Then they do not go all the way round, they certainly do not catch less.

At home and abroad, we now supply our boilies and other products to many carp anglers, and we will continue to do so with passion and pleasure in the coming years.

We are Jan and Aldert, we are Evolution Products!

And to keep it fun for everyone:

We use fair prices, which is fun for both parties
We will pay half of the shipping costs for you
We pay from 150 euros all shipping costs for you

Enjoy your catch!


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