Boilies and other Specialist Carp Baits

Why would you choose the steamed boilies from a small bait company from Holland?

You probably wonder about that now. Logical, because there is so much choice in boilieland. Every taste, smell and color is now available.

Why we are different from the rest is therefore a logical question. Because you want success on the banks, catch your target and you do not want to stare out for yourself all weekend sitting in your tent and read on facebook how your friends do catch them.

So do you want to:
  • Discover immediately how you can catch more with our boilies?
  • How you avoid catching nothing (again) because you made the wrong bait choice without knowing it yourself?
  • What you can do right now to catch more?

Request free of charge and, of course, without obligation, our boilie choice help. In it we explain exactly why you have to choose a particular boilie. Not because we want it, or because you think it looks good. No, because the carp has a preference for this. Every season, his nutritional needs changes. If you respond to it with the right choice of boilie, you will inmideiatly increase your chances.

That is what we do for you, we help you with your choice. We give you bait with which you can really catch more because there is more to it. A krill boilie that consists for 1/3 of krill and shrimp, liver and tuna boilies with 25% tuna flour. Yeasts, vitamins, amino acids, we add everything so that the carp keeps coming back. All you have to do is choose the right spot, knot a good line and of course pray that the weather gods are well-disposed ;-)

We are Jan & Aldert. We are Evolution Products

More than 268 positive carp anglers let you know why they chose Evolution Products. You can read that below or simply click on the link here.

Want to know more about us before you buy something? That makes sense, just take a look at the About Us page ....

Enjoy your catch!

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