About Evolution Products


Why are you going to catch more with our bait? Of course no catch guarantee but by a conscious choice of bait?

  • Do you want to catch more?
  • Do not you want to have more trouble?
  • Or do you put more time into it than you already do?
  • Do you have no idea what's in your boilies?
  • Do you have no sense / time to dig through all forums?
  • Do you suffer from (boilie) choice stress?
  • Do you buy the best smelling boilies again?
  • Or do you buy the boilies because they look beautiful?

Then you are in the right place with us! We help you with free advice, explain you within 5 minutes what is in your boilies and help you within 2 minutes choose a boilie that suits your water.

You do not have to get out of it, you do not have to call us and you do not have to do anything you do not feel like hearing endless chats about how good we are.

Even if you have no knowledge of boilies at all, you will soon be able to make the right choice and start capturing more without having to put extra effort into it.

Are you getting exited yet?

It works very simple, you just read our boilie choice help.

These are 2 pages, the first of which covers the 3 different types of boilies and the second page is about which boilie from our assortment would suit your water and circumstances.

It's that simple!

After that you you can read the article in which we explain everything you need to know about the ingredients in a boilie and when you can best use them.
So you learn the difference between carbohydrates and proteins or sweet versus fish meal boilies.

We will teach you all if you download our boilie help form.

From your lazy chair and without extra effort you learn:
  • With which boilie you have better chances of catching in which season?
  • With which type of boilie your contrast is and therefore extra noticeable for carp
  • How you can combine different boilie types for even better results
  • How you should respond to the nutritional needs of the carp and thus have a head start on the rest

Download now our Boilie Choice Helper ...

Read all about what's in your boilie part 1....
And read part 2 here about protein in boilies...