Bait Boosters

The added value of a good bait booster is in the added substances such as, betaine, amino acids, vitamins, robin red, butyric acid, citric acid and name it all. The basic syrup and only a color and flavor probably won't do much, we can be honest about that.

That is why we load our boosters as full as possible with the additives from the boilies. They are a real added value and they should not be missed if you want to force a bite quickly, like with instant fishing.

In the water these substances dissolve much easier from the booster than when they are enclosed in a boilie. By saturating your boilie (soaking) with this syrup you ensure more and longer attractivity in the water. We recommend to soak around 3 days for the best result. Longer is not a problem, but your boilies will become rock hard.