Enzymes treatment of your boilies

Enzymes treatment of your boilies

Enzyme Treatment - Treatment of Boilies with Enzymes (BIO Activated)

Maybe you have heard about it or have you already used it, Enzymes. With our Sub Zer0 Winter Boilie there is a standard set of enzymes. These enzymes make your bait many times more attractive than it is forverted. For example, this process converts carbohydrates into sugars and starches and proteins into amino acids and peptides that the carp can detect (taste). Pre-digested fish meal is probably the best-known example of this.

The enzymes start working after they are applied, with a little bit of moisture they still work optimally at room temperature. The colder it is the slower they work. We also store them in the freeze because then the operation is stopped.
Carp can be completely wid!
The best attraction is obtained by letting them do their work for 2 to 3 days. That is why we now offer the option "Enzyme Treatment" with our Freezerbaits. You can simply indicate this to the boilie of your choice by selecting yes or no.

Because we run freezer baits fresh, we can coat the boilies with the enzymes after drying. They are then packed and transported. They are then usually delivered the next day so that the enzymes have been able to work for a while. After receiving, most people freeze the boilies directly. This stops the process and starts again when you remove the boilies from the freezer for your session. By thawing, the boilies get damp and warm up, then the enzymes get back to work. you can then possibly provide the boilies with a Bait booster or other soak. If the outer sheath becomes a little soft or even mushy, the optimal attaraction has been achieved. Because the enzymes can not withstand heating, this can only be added after turning!

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