Freezerbait Boilies

Do you not want to tell your wife that you have been in a cold, damp tent for a weekend and catch nothing?

If you go fishing with our bait you attract the fish to you. You provide him for a large part in his nutritional needs and we also help you make a conscious choice between proteins or carbohydrates. You will see that you are going to catch more. You offer the right bait in the right period instead of throwing haphazard balls in water and hope that the carp feel like it.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids ensure that our boilies are super attractive. Some boilies are even composed in such a way that they come very close to natural food and, for example, contain a high protein percentage. The Krill Shrimp Trassi consists for 1/3 of krill and shrimp and our Liver & Tuna contains 25% tuna flour.

We do this as much as possible with the body's own proteins that they absorb best. But also the opposite is sometimes very effective. Those are the carbohydrate boilies. The sweet bird food balls such as the Milk and Fruit and the Scopex CSL.

Instant super powerful but not really suitable for the longer term because of the lack
to nutrients. Our middle category contains a good dose of protein to last longer and still be very effective if you use them instantaneously. That's the Sweet Fish and the Garlic Robin Red

Do you want to know what you can choose best? Download here the free Boilie Choice Help ...



Our freezer baits are freshly made to order. From 25 kg this is already possible and then you immediately get a nice discount from us.

Do you want to make your boilies even more attractive? This is possible with our unique enzyme treatment. For packing we treat your boilies with enzymes. During transport to you they can do their job and pre-upgrade your bait. This way the amino acids are released and the carp are even more attractive to them!