How do you choose a boilie

How do you choose a boilie

Trouble finding the right boilie for you? Here is our Boilie Choice Help ...

You want to go fishing but you do not even know it anymore. There is so much choice in bait and suppliers. You go googling but that does not really help you either. You have some boilies from last season but they were a bit disappointing. This season must be different, you want to catch your target! And then you have to make good choices. Every month of boilie exchange does not help you ...

The most important questions you have to ask yourself are:

  1. Where are you going to fish?
  2. Is there a lot of fishing?
  3. Are you going to feed or fish instant?
  4. Which season is it?
  5. What bait do you prefere?

With open water (running) water, the amount of feed is often more important than the species. With a closed puddle, the composition is often more important.

If you fish a lot, you have to deal with negative conditioning. In that case it is even more important to do differently than the others. If you fish with very attractive bait, choose a simple boilie. Fish everyone with fishmeal take sweet and so on.

If you build a feeding arae, a long-term bait is important. A sweet boilie mainly supplies carbohydrates. That is mainly a snack in between for the fish. In that case, choose a protein-rich boilie so that you meet the nutritional needs as much as possible.

An instant (sweet) boilie is often more striking because of color and contrast with the natural food, which makes it extra special. This is particularly successful in the summer.

The season may play the biggest part in your choice. In winter you choose an ace with as little saturation as possible. In the spring you can slowly increase the nutritional value again. In the summer you can do almost anything but because of the many natural food carbohydrate bait is our preference. In autumn they often go really loose and it is probably the best time to fish. Feed or fish with lots of protein, this gives them a reserve for the winter.

Winter - A lot of fiber, little to no fat, carbohydrates
Spring - Building in nutritional value for example a sweet fishmeal boilie
Summer - True to life food (protein rich) or just the opposite and so many carbohydrates
Autumn - Protein is now preferred

Choose a boilie that you have confidence in, that appeals to you the most. This is the most important ingredient and only you can add that!


TIP: Mix your boilies together! When you are feeding with 2 totally different boilies (protein rich and carbohydrate rich) you speak to a much larger group of fish. You can also discover whether there is a preference for a particular type of boilie on your water. For example, combine our Milk & Fruit with the Krill Shrimp Trassi. We also offer these combinations as standard because it works so well. Just look at the page ...

Do you already have a preference for one of our boilies? Our base consists of 6 boilies that you can divide into 3 groups.

The first group is the carbohydrate boilie. These are sweet boilies on a bird food mix with a striking color. These are especially made for instant fishing. Of course you can also use it but you should see this category as a sweet in between.

The boilies in this category are the Milk & Fruit and the Scopex CSL ( corn steep liquor)

Our 2nd category is between the sweet and protein-rich boilies and you can see as a kind of all round feed. These contain more protein and thus have a better nutritional value for the longer term. These are suitable for a longer period of time because they contain many different nutrients and therefore remain attractive.

These boilies that are included are the Sweet Fish Pineapple and the Sweet Garlic Robin Red.

As the third and last category we have the Protein-rich boilies. These are very attractive boilies that provide the carp with almost all of its nutritional needs. This is more than a snack in between and is ideal for long-term feed campaigns.

Our protein boilies are the Krill Shrimp Trassi and the Liver & Tuna.

Then of course we have our Winterboilie, the Sub Zer0. This is only available in the winter months.

Do you want to try this immediately and start catching more? Then try our introductory package with a 25% discount

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