Do you not want to tell your wife that you have been in a cold, damp tent for a weekend?
No carp caught again, your fishmates are already laughing and you are done with it!

Very recognizable, we have all experienced it once. But there is something to do about it.

If you go fishing with our bait you attract the fish to you. You provide him for a large part in his nutritional needs.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids ensure that our boilies are super attractive. Some boilies are even so composed that they come very close to natural food and, for example, contain a high protein (35%) percentage.

We do this as much as possible with the body's own proteins that they absorb best. But also the opposite is sometimes very effective.

Those are the carbohydrate boilies. The sweet birdfood balls. Instant super powerful but not really suitable for the longer term because of the lack to nutrients. Our middle category contains a good dose of protein to be able to carry on for a longer time and still be very effective
if you would use them instantaneously.

That way fish becomes fun again!



You are looking for a Boilie but you want:

No hassle with thawing of boilies
No hassle with moldy boilies
and you want to keep leftover boilies

Then Readymade Boilies are the most suitable for you. These boilies contain a low dose of preservatives so that they remain (with us) for about 1 year after production.

Do you want to have our boilies adapted to your needs? Which can! From 25 kg per flavor / diameter we make exactly what you want! Please contact us here and send us your wishes.