Unique Steamed Boilies, Extra long dried for less Conservation

Unique Steamed Boilies, Extra long dried for less Conservation

What makes our Boilies so special?

Unique high doses ...

We work with high doses, not a little bit of everything, but as much as possible. For example, there is more than 30% krill and shrimp in our krill boilie. You also only get to the high protein percentages in a good way.

Steamed for higher quality?

Yes, by cooking boilies, you immerse them completely in the hot water. All your water-soluble products and liquids can also end up in that cooking water and that is a waste. By steaming there is virtually no contact with (waste) water and all the cautious substances where they belong remain in the boilies.

Dried extra long?

We also dry our boilies extra long, ie 5 to 7 days. This leaves very little moisture in the boilie and we do not have to use that much preservation. You also get more value for money, because you buy a bag of boilies and no bag of water ...

Composed on nutritional value, what does that mean?

We distribute our boilie range in 2 categories namely, carbohydrates and proteins. We can tell a lot about that and it also determines a large part of your catches. Because that is so extensive you can read all about it on this page ...
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