Mirror Lake France - Limoges - Jon Homewood

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For Mirror Lake in France we have a special cooperation with the owner and we 
developed a water-based assortment . After we had tested for one year which of ours
boilies got on well, we sat around the table together.

What should you take into account if you are going to offer your carp only 1 feed so you 
exactly know what they eat and how much they eat? And what do you need for your clients
to make sure they have a good session.

This was the wish of Jon the English owner, 1 feed of which he knows exactly what's in it and
which he also knows is good for the fish. And in the second place, of course, also good
catches, because the customers pay for that particular!

What does the fish want?

That has turned out to be quite a difficult task. Because what is good is not always the best for the fish
and vice versa, what is good for the fish does not always give the best catch results.

The fish needs protein, preferably animal sourced because thats the most efficient source.
But when it is the middle of summer and there is a lot of natural food available, you can
sometimes better fish with a sweet carbohydrate bomb because sticks out between all those proteins
from the natural food.

Just look at what a tiger nut does when it's hot, sometimes there's no boilie to it!

The catches could also be reduced if you only offer a boilie and leave everyone with it
fish (dressage). So it had to be a mix of a responsible boilie, with the minimum amount of
necessary nutrients, supplemented with vitamins, minerals, rich in amino acids and trace elements.

We did this in the most natural way possible, so use Kelp instead of vitamin preparations. Kelp promotes
digestion, is packed with vitamins, minerals and spores elements. In this way, there are many more products
with these kinds of properties.

So we have chosen 2 types of mixes, sweet and fish. We have so much in the sweet carbohydrate mixes
possibly opted for slow carbohydrates with a lot of attraction. Creamy milk powders that wash well
and thus spread the attractants, hemp, seeds and a good dose of yeast for the purpose of digestion and also
again for the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that it is.

We use 2 yeast varieties for this combination as extensive as possible. Carbohydrates are not that necessary
for the fish, but they are needed to get a processable product. Also the instant response and taste of these meats
is as wheat, soy and corn are often very good.

Net Protein Utilization

Also the fish mixes are provided with yeast, and a decent dose of fish / shrimp flour. Here we tried a good protein
percentage by adjusting the fish meal dosage. The NEB value of this is about 20% that emerged from surveys of
wild carps as good average. The NEB value indicates the Net Protein Utilization and thus says something about
how much of the raw protein percentage can actually be digested. A boilie with a protein percentage of 40% is
worthless for the fish if the NEB value is very low.

We also had to take into account the amount of feed that the fishermen put in daily (maximum). If your boilie has a
high NEB value then they are full faster and catching is very difficult. That was also necessary to be prevented as
much as possible. That also played a part in the NEB value choice.

Natural food

Natural food is also present on the 6 hectare lake. How much that is and what  there is difficult to map. Especially in
the summer this will provide a (large) part of the nutritional needs of the carp in the lake.
Something else to take into account!

You can not get your food for such a water exactly, we can be honest about that. A young growing fish has  a very
different protein requirement than its grandfather. The weather conditions play a big role in the behavior of the
carp and the natural food supply or food scarcity will also play a role.

We have therefore looked for a good average as much as possible and opted for 2 types of boilies in each 
divided into 2 flavors. These mixes can then be adjusted again by year of tide or situation if necessary as there only
fresh freezer baits are delivered.

The available flavors on Mirror Lake can be found on their website.

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